Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Still Waiting...

It's been a week since we began sorting and labeling clothing, and we are pretty well "packed and ready" now.  We are still waiting on DHS to send a nurse to evaluate my grandmother and deem her eligible for Medicaid coverage.  We will then be given the "green light" to move to the assisted living facility, and all can proceed.

Meanwhile, we've bought a new mattress set... it will be delivered directly to the ALF for us.  Mam-ma and I have labeled her clothing, socks, underwear, etc.  We've survived yet another round of snow/ice, and we are just sitting and waiting.  Mam-ma told me on Friday, "I'm about to get down from all this waiting," and I know that she is very frustrated.  But I've done all that is humanly possible to propel this train forward, and we are quite literally at the mercy of the DHS case worker for now.

I told Mam-ma on Friday that "there's a reason we haven't moved yet.  I don't know what it is, but we have to accept that we will move when the time is right."  She agreed, although I learned yesterday that she has been calling Home Health and asking if they can help.  Apparently, her Home Health nurses have been kindly assuring her that "we'll see what we can do," and basically, they can do nothing.  They are a totally separate agency from the one who approves this move.  So I have asked my grandmother not to call Home Health about this again, and she assured me she wouldn't... again, that's all I can do.

Meanwhile, I have been reading a book sent to me by Lydia E. Harris, entitled Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting... for Grandparents at Any Stage of the Journey.  This is a 212-page soft-cover Bible study designed to help us "laugh, love, and learn as you prepare for your GRAND role."  I've only gotten through the first couple of lessons so far, but I like Harris' style... and her suggestions.  This book represents six weeks of Bible study lessons for grandparents and those about to become grandparents.  Scriptures, illustrations, personal experiences and work-book style space are incorporated into the lessons.

I can see this study working well for a group of grandparents who would like to gather for Bible study, growth, and sharing.  It would also make a great gift for a new grandparent or soon-to-be grandparent.  Harris is known to her five grandchildren as "Grandma Tea."  She writes a bimonthly column for The Country Register papers in the U.S. and Canada, called "A Cup of Tea with Lydia," and she has a readership of approximately ¾ million!

To learn more about Lydia and her book, you can visit or you can order the book online at by using the link provided in this blog.

I believe that Bible study can help us through any situation... including grandparenting and caregiving.  Were it not for time spent in Bible study and prayer, I would not have made it to this point with some semblance of sanity!  I continue to pray and believe for God's perfect timing in my grandmother's move.  I just hope He's in as big of a hurry as we are!

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