Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Been a Wild Weekend!

It's been a wild weekend... but a good one! My mother-in-law was awakened about 3:00 a.m. Saturday by a wild noise. It was coming from her air conditioner. She later duplicated it for me, and all I can say is it sounded like the tornado siren was going off in town - SCARY! So she jumped up and tried to determine the source of the noise... then turned off her AC. (Repair is scheduled for today.) Since the temperature on Saturday reached 102 or better, her house heated quickly! She laid on her couch and watched a movie and tried not to stir too much, but Greg had told her, "If you are not at our house by mid-afternoon, I'm coming after you!" I think she arrived about 4:30 p.m., when her movie ended. We had dinner and watched some television, and I checked Facebook. There was a post from a woman who lives one block from my grandmother - the power was out.

So I called Mam-ma - no answer, and no answering machine. I called her friend Ruby, and Mam-ma answered the phone! She played "Chicken Foot" (dominoes) at Ruby's Saturday afternoon with her friends, and when she was driven home, her garage door opener would not work. A neighbor shouted to her that the power was off. She didn't have a purse or her house keys, so she returned to Ruby's. I determined that she didn't have her medications, so my mother-in-law and I went to get Mam-ma and unlock her house so she could gather pj's and her meds.

We gathered everything, and while there, I discovered Mam-ma had NOT locked her house up completely, even though she insisted that she had locked everything. I told her that is the last time I believe her! I "battened down the hatches" and returned her to Ruby's house. We made a quick stop at my mother-in-law's for Sunday shoes, and her house was STIFLING inside! I couldn't believe how it had heated up... but that goes to show how hot the day got!

Back at home, we watched another TV program with Greg, and around 9:15, my grandmother called - her power was back on, and she was at home! Sunday was Greg's mother's 83rd birthday. We went to church and then out to lunch with our friends. Then we came home to read the paper and rest. There were phone calls for Greg's mother, and a visit from his brother and our great-niece and nephew, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Last night we watched an old Alfred Hitchcock movie, "The Trouble With Harry." It was a good one! Today we will hopefully get the AC repaired at Greg's mother's house - we have loved having her here, but we know she is anxious to get home. It's cooler here today, and maybe the week will be uneventful... hey, a girl can hope!

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Mark said...

Post Title: The Trouble with AC

Glad the power's back on and Mam-ma is cool again. I love that Hitchcock film. "Discovered" it via AMC's Hitchcock festival a few years ago, in which they played restored versions in their original aspect ratio.