Friday, May 15, 2009

"Another Mistake" ... and a New Blessing

The fun just never ends bought my grandmother another B-cup bra at Wal-Mart, and when I showed it to her, she frowned and said in a rather hateful voice, "Well I meant to send that other bra back with you today." I asked why - what was wrong with it and she said, "Well, you brought me back another C-cup." I told her I did not, and she argued with me, and said, "I'll just show you. I was gonna wear that the other day and I pulled it out and looked at it and thought 'well, she's made another mistake.'" We went in her bedroom, and she opened the drawer, and there was the bra - a B-cup. She said, rather disgustedly, "Well, when I looked at that, I could have sworn it said C." No apology, of course, or admission she was wrong... just that comment. I said, "Okay, now you have TWO B-cup bras, so you should be set."

She also fussed today that her hairdresser never gets her hair dry. I asked if it was still wet, and she said, "Well no, she dried it, but she always has several people going and she is in a hurry and doesn't have time for me."

I guess this would have upset me more, but we got a new grand-nephew today - the first baby for my niece and the first grandchild for my sister. They named him Timothy for my brother, Tim, who died when my niece was only 8 years old. To her, Tim was larger than life, and he would be thrilled with his namesake... as are we.

The circle of life continues... and reminds us what is really important!

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