Saturday, February 23, 2008

Home Again

My grandmother is finally at home again, after a 5-day stay in the hospital and a 2-week rehab visit to the nursing home. She met my husband and me at the front door yesterday, pretty well packed and ready to get out of the facility and back to her home. She was dreaming of a pot of brown beans, cornbread, and cooked cabbage! The therapy did its job - she is stronger now than she has been in months, and she looks fit as a fiddle - and probably closer to 85 than her actual 95 years!

In all, I would say this stay in the nursing home was relatively uneventful. The new ownership seems have made substantial improvements... the home seemed cleaner, more pleasantly decorated, and more accommodating. Of course, there were several employees there who knew my grandmother and loved her already, so I am sure she got lots of extra attention. One aide told me the day before my grandmother checked out, "the 'good' ones always leave." Several aides and nurses were genuinely sad to see her go, but they understood her desire to get home.

And home surely looked good to her! She went from room to room checking out her house and deemed it all good. She already had a date for the next day to play "Chicken Foot" dominoes at a friend's house with all of her contemporaries. I know they will be glad to see her, and it will be "game on" for her at the domino table!

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