Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Here's What Some Readers Are Saying

Here are some recent comments from fellow members of the "Sandwich Generation"...
    "My husband and I joke about his mother being a "professional patient". That seems to be ALL she ever talks about and ALL she ever does. I told her once two years ago - in a very loving way - that the reason most of her kids and grandkids don't come to visit is that when they do she tells them the same stories about her illnesses and doctor visits, and she got really mad at me. But I was to the point of having heard the same story day after day. I asked her, 'Mom, what do you talk about with your friends? '"
    "I have to chuckle every time I think of the name of the site, and of the name of your post, 'The Sandwich Generation'. It sounds as politically incorrect as my favorite word for sandwich, 'sammich'. I think it hits our generation perfectly though. Many of us are doing things we had no plans to do when we started full timing (fulltime RVing), things like spending the summer in one place other than where we really want to be just to take care of MOM. At least one other of my six siblings is involved and we don't have to do all the care. While it was not in our original plans, we are thankful we are in a position to care for her."

    " several posts ... makes me feel like maybe I am not alone in some things. Thanks again."

    "I attended a seminar regarding the 'Sandwich' generation twenty-one years ago. It was a 'heads-up' of what was to come. We were caught after retirement between the desire to travel - and caregiving my Mom. We made sure she lived to see her 100th birthday and consider the six years we devoted to her care to be six of the most 'growing' years in our lives."
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