Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So Far .... So Good!

The daily phone calls to remind my grandmother to take her medicine are going well ... so far.  She seems to be enjoying the attention and is quite chatty ... and she is remembering to take her daily doses!

Last night, I tried to talk to Mam-ma about getting Meals on Wheels.  She argued with me that the meals are not the same as what is served to those who physically go to the Senior Citizens' Center for their lunch.  I assured her the meals were exactly the same ... and Greg confirmed this. He delivers on Mondays, and I've helped him a time or two, and I've seen how they serve the food - and it all comes out of the same pots! 

Anyway, I told Mam-ma I am concerned about her use of the stove and not realizing that the gas is on under a burner, but there is no flame.  She said, "I knew that gas was on.  Ruby had been here, and she told me that there was gas on at the stove, but I didn't get up and see about it."  I asked her why she didn't do that, and she said, "Well ... I forgot!"  I stressed to her that she must remember those things - and she must be very careful about the stove. She said she fries an egg each morning for her breakfast.  I guess now when Mom calls, she can ask, "Did you take your medicine?" AND "Did you turn off your stove?"!

Here's a link to a great story about a caregiving angel.  They do walk among us!

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