Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Heat is On...

In case you are unaware, it's hot in Arkansas right now - REALLY HOT!  Grass is turning brown and crunching, some spots have had torrential rain while others have had none, and the "dogs days of summer" came about a month early this year.

None of this has deterred my grandmother, who told me, "I just hate for my yard to look bare."  For the record, bare would NEVER describe my grandmother's yard, and to make sure of it, she has been watering her flower beds and vegetable garden.  She claims she starts early - like 6:00 a.m. - but the humidity is so high here that even at that early hour, it's hard for someone her age, and with her health issues, to breathe.  So I should have known what was wrong when she told me yesterday, "I'm not real steady, and I can hardly go." 

On the way home from the hairdresser's, I mentioned that I would have to water our yard if we didn't get an afternoon thundershower.  Mam-ma replied, "Well, I watered and watered this morning, and now I'm give out."  ("Give out" is her term for being exhausted.)   AHA!  So this explains being unsteady and not being able to go!  Anyone half her age would be sacked out under an air conditioner after such a workout, but at 3:00 p.m., in 99-degree heat, she is trudging to my car for the ride back to her house and who knows what else!

Oh, and the air conditioner service call?  She got it... and the bill was sent to me... PAID IN FULL!  I called to inquire, and the receptionist said, "Oh, it's no problem...we can do that for her.  She's just so stinkin' sweet!"  I stuttered and sputtered and thanked the woman and said, "Not always, but thank you!"  She assured me that my grandmother was "so cute" and "knew my grandmother," and I realized... there is no telling what Mam-ma said to this girl.  I can hear it now... "Sugar, I'm just a poor widder woman... how much will this cost me?  I'm not sure I can afford it, but I sure need to have my air conditioner."  Or, "Honey, I'm on a fixed income, so I don't know how I'll pay for this, but I need it!"

I told my mother that I look at these things as "fodder for the blog," and I wondered aloud what I will do for material when Mam-ma is gone.  My mother said, "Oh, I don't know - I just hope your mother doesn't provide it!"  Somehow, I think I'll be just fine.

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Mark said...

Nah, your mother won't be lucky enough to have you -- it will skip a generation just like with you and your Mam-ma. So, who will step up?