Monday, May 10, 2010

When It All Comes Together

Friday, I left Timothy at home with Greg while I took Mam-ma Polly to the beauty shop and did her grocery shopping - and ours.  I was also buying food to prepare for a Mother's Day lunch for everyone yesterday... chicken, baked potatoes, salad, cole slaw, broccoli/cauliflower and cheese, rolls, and fresh strawberries and brownies or blueberry muffins with yogurt cheese for dessert.  In my grocery cart, I had diapers and bottle liners... and Ensure for my grandmother... both ends of the spectrum!Yesterday, as we enjoyed our lunch, gifts and cards, and the "Timothy floor show," I looked at five generations represented... a new mother (Jasmine), my sister's first Mother's Day as a grandmother, two great-grandmothers - my mom and Greg's mom, and a great-great-grandmother (Mam-ma Polly).  Jasmine even brought me a "Mother's Day" card and acknowledge me as an "other mother" to her and Timothy.

As I watched my grandmother playing with Timmy - and him giving her kisses - it all came together for me.  Yes, this is a sandwich - and a wild and crazy one at times - but this is also a time to treasure.  I hope Mam-ma lives long enough for Timmy to truly remember her... but if not, we'll give him memories to cherish via photos, stories and more.  Meanwhile, it was a very good day in our house to celebrate mothers.Pictured below...
  • My mother-in-law, known to Timmy as "Grandma Elaine."
  • My sister, my mom, and her husband.
  • Jasmine and Timothy
  • Timothy with Mam-ma Polly and Grandma Elaine
  • Timothy with Grandma Elaine
  • Timothy and Mam-ma - his great-great-grandmother
  • Kisses for Mam-ma Polly

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Mark said...

Wow. Five generations. That's more than we ever got under one roof in my family. Not surprising considering I was 33 when my first child was born, and my father was 30 for my birth! Doesn't leave much room for that fourth generation -- much less the fifth!