Thursday, April 16, 2009

Errands, Parties and Bras... Never a Dull Moment!

This is the day I take my grandmother to the hairdresser and shop for her groceries. She called this a.m. to let me know she will be at a "party" at church, and I should pick her up there at 1:30 p.m. I told her that I would be glad to do that... we've done this before. Later she phoned again... "I forgot to tell you that I will be in a tacky garb - this is a 'Tacky Party!'" So I am to look for the tacky 96-year-old lady with the walker!
Meanwhile, the aunt of a dear cousin (by marriage) has fallen and broken her hip. She had been in the hospital and nursing home most of this year, but she was released to return to her home last week - with assistance and the caveat that she was at risk for a fall. She could just as easily have fallen in the nursing home, as my grandfather did, but this is still a hard pill to swallow. Surgery will be performed sometime today, hopefully.

So today's shopping includes looking for a bra for my grandmother. She called Monday and asked when we go back to see her cardiologist (in a city 30 miles to our east). I told her the 24th. She said, "Well my bras are just SHOT!" I told her I could look for one at Wal-Mart, and she screamed into the phone, "They don't have bras at Wal-Mart!" I told her that was funny, because I sometimes buy MY bras at Wal-Mart... and she said, "Well, I need Playtex Cross-Your-Heart." I told her Wal-Mart carries Playtex and I would look -- she said, "Well I always get these at Penneys." Now, we're not even talking an underwire here... but anyway, I told her we could certainly go to Penneys next week.

Then she asked, "Now when is it we go to the cardiologist?" I told her again, next Friday, the 24th. She said, "Oh, well...that's after my banquet." (This is the annual "widows banquet" at the First Baptist Church, given by the deacons for the widows in their care. I kid you not... they call it the Widow's Banquet! It is the highlight of my grandmother's year - dinner, entertainment, pampering... the works!) I asked when the banquet was, and she said the 23rd. Not thinking, I said, "Well we don't have to be at the doctor's until 11:00 a.m., so you shouldn't be too tired." It still didn't register with me until my Mom said later, "She's wanting that new bra for her banquet!" Well, DUH!

Anyway, then she says, "Well, if I could just get ONE good bra, I could probably make do with these other old things." I told her it is no problem to get her all the bras she wants! Sheesh!

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

This is great... I came across your blog through a search engine (Google), inquiring about walkers and tennis balls. You see, my "abuelita" had sent me to get her a pair of tennis balls for her new walker (she has a medical-supply factory inside her closet)--at a medical supply store, not Wal-Mart.

I, like you, care tremendously for my capriciously-funny grandma. And thus, I can sympathise with your trials and tribulations, including your--and mine-granny's whims.
Your soft and clean writing style, penchant for detailed description, is vigorous and unpretentious-funny.
I just had to write when I read "Well, I need Playtex Cross-Your-Heart." Well, I get Playtex kotex pads, of course, for my grandma, for I am a guy. She pees a lot; thank you Furosemide.