Monday, March 16, 2009

Need a Caregiver? Hire a Workamper!

Today someone posted a query on in a Caregiving forum about finding a "private pay" caregiver. She was wondering how and where to look for such a person. This was my reply:

Here's another option... Workamper News ( This bi-monthly magazine lists job openings from coast to coast that are suited to RVers (people who live in a travel trailer or motorhome). You could advertise your need for Home Health care... there are probably plenty of Certified Nurses' Aides (CNA's) who live in your area who would be interested in applying. While most Workampers live in an RV, some are looking for housing... and if you are looking for live-in help, this might still be a good resource. The ads are listed by state and zip code, so if you are looking for someone in the Pasadena, California area, your ad appears in the California section in zip code order. If you are in San Antonio, Texas - the ad goes in the Texas section, etc. Right now people all over the country are seeking work - and thinking outside the box - so you might have several applicants to choose from. Thousands of people subscribe to this magazine and are looking for work.

Workamper News also offers the Workamper Hotline - ads that go out via e-mail each evening to Workamper News subscribers. You could place an ad there and have it appear instantly on the website and be sent out the same evening via e-mail. There is also an online resume service for those who wish to scan resumes for potential employees, but I'm thinking for this type of position, an ad in the magazine or on the Hotline would do the trick.

For the most part, Workampers are mature, dependable workers who are flexible, mobile, motivated, and possess a strong work ethic. As with hiring anyone, you should follow standard hiring practices - check references closely, and discuss thorougly the job description and requirements AND the compensation. IF you happen to live in a spot where there is room to park an RV (and this is not restricted by zoning laws), you could negotiate the parking space and utilities as part of the compensation package. There is a formula at to determine the monetary value of an RV parking space.

Just today, my husband went to deliver Meals on Wheels and met a woman who was working in the kitchen at the Senior Center who was a Workamper. She and her husband live in an RV - he works in the oil and gas industry - and she took this cooking job when he experienced a temporary layoff. Workampers come from all walks of life and are willing to do all kinds of work - and most are absolutely fantastic people!If you visit and wish to place an ad, look on the left under employers and click on "How to Begin." You will want the "Place Hotline Ad" or "Place Print Ad in Workamper News." The form will give you the rates and additional info.

If you do hire a Workamper, make a post and let us hear how it works for you!

If YOU hire a Workamper, please leave a comment HERE and let others know how it worked for YOU! Good luck and best wishes!

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JJ said...

Very good article Debbie, I have wondered about this for some time, but have never came across an ad in the mag or hotline to date.