Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Celebrating a Birthday

Today was my grandmother's 96th birthday. We celebrated by taking her to lunch. My sister and her husband and daughter joined Mam-ma and me for lunch at our hospital cafeteria. (My husband was unable to be there because he has taken his mother to visit HER relatives in Iowa.) A friend who was dining in the cafeteria laughed that we had brought our elderly grandmother to the hospital on her birthday... but the food is some of the best in town, and the view of the surrounding mountains and valleys is spectacular. Not only that, she saw several people she knew, and that was a bonus for her! In all, it was a good day, and a time we will treasure. Who knows how many more birthdays we will get to celebrate with her - especially years that she will be this well!

When I took my grandmother home, there was a packet from her Medicare Part D pharmacy provider informing us of changes for 2009. Bottom line... 2 of her meds will not be covered, AND there will now be a monthly premium plus increases in the insurer's co-pay. So, it looks like for the third year in a row, I will be shopping for a new Medicare Part D provider. I've scouted a couple that are options... but both are going to cost us some $$ - more than we have been paying - and I can't sign up until November 15th, so I have a few more days to research things. It looks like I can save as much as $2000 or more over retaining the plan we have presently, so that is certainly worth the hassle factor!

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