Monday, March 31, 2008

Question of the Week - What's Making YOU Crazy?

Do you feel like you are going crazy some days? Do you wonder how you ever got to this point? You are not alone. Last week, I found myself transporting a plastic jug of my grandmother's refrigerated urine to the doctor's office for analysis. I had to wonder... "How did I get here?"

It gets worse... I backed into a parked car in the parking lot. I had gone into the clinic to take the jug of urine. The car was not there when I went in... nor when I came out. I can only assume that as I got into my car, the driver of the one I hit pulled into the slot behind me... and into my "blind spot." Thankfully, no one was injured.

My grandmother's first comment was..."you need to call the hairdresser and tell her we'll be late." I assured her I would when I had finished with the person whose car I hit. Then I looked up and my grandmother was out of the car. I asked, "Mam-ma, where are you going?" Her response: "I was gonna see what you done." Three days earlier she had been in the ER with a blood pressure reading high enough to produce a major stroke, and now she was trying to toddle around a car to look at a busted tail light! I politely asked her to please get back into the car!
On my grandmother's errand day, I try to drive the smaller Jeep my husband usually drives because it is easier for my grandmother to get into than my full-sized SUV. As I drove her to her appointment, she said, "Well, I sure hope you didn't hurt Greg's car!" Gee... thanks for caring!

In retrospect - and in small doses - these comments and actions are funny. But it's a lot like the day some 25 years ago when I read a story to my kindergarten class while the janitor swabbed smelly poop from the boys' bathroom floor, where one of my students had experienced a serious case of diarrhea. As I read the story and the children held their noses and occasionally exclaimed, "Peuweee!" I thought to myself, "I got a Master's Degree for THIS?!" Who knew that I would add transporting cold jugs of urine to my list of answers to the new question, "What are you doing now that you are 'retired'?"

So... what's making YOU crazy these days?!

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